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You want to tell your readers about your experience with 10in2®?
That’s a great idea!
We would be happy to talk to you personally about this.
Just contact us!
Please note that the editorial use of texts based on, or dealing with, 10in2® is permitted only if "10in2® - Lustvoll Leben" is mentioned together with a reference to our Homepage or the Facebook group.
We would ask you to inform us beforehand about the article you intend to write or contact us to discuss the matter personally.

The following keywords are intended to provide a quick survey of 10in2®:

"10in2® = EAT ONE DAY (1) + FAST ONE DAY (0) in two days (in2)"

Die Socialmedia-Marketing-Lebensphilosophie in Österreich“ based on a method developed and used by Prof. Bernhard Ludwig.
The change in lifestyle that relieves your weight problems, while enhancing your quality of life and producing an anti-aging effect.
There are already more than 4000 10in2-Facebook fans.
10in2 is not a run-of-the-mill diet, nor an eat-half-as-much diet, nor is it a form of Dinner Cancelling!
If you want to tell us about your experience with 10in2, just give phone or send an e-mail to presse (at)

Kind regardsErwin Haas

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